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Frequently asked questions

Question: What is sainiksangh?

Answer: Sainiksangh is short for akhil bhartiya purva sainiksangh or All India Ex Soldierís League a veteranís organization dedicated to non-profit voluntary work for the benefit and progress of rural communities. Further details can be obtained through e mail

Question: If sainiksangh is a social service organisation then why is it focusing only on rural communities?

Answer: For natural reasons since veterans are concentrated only in our rural areas and this resource provides a skilled and disciplined nucleus for creating self help teams in communities.  Our villages need us the most as they constitute 75% of the national stream and are also most marginalised as in any developing nation.  Flight to the cities with its destabilising impact on society cannot be stemmed unless conditions are created in rural habitat for a better quality of life and social security.  Children, women and the old are most affected.

Question: What other agenda does the organization have?

Answer: This is covered under  League Objectives.

Question: How big is your establishment?

Answer: We may be the most frugal setup known to exist anywhere. We have neither permanent staff nor accommodation but operate as cells tailored for each mission, which eliminates many overheads. We depend largely on participation both at the community level through self-help and at management level for execution and control relying on dedicated responsibility for the individual office holder. Our tools are leading from the front on ground, mobility and communications. However with time and funds being available we would have a regular headquarters.

Question: How do you organize your missions?

Answer: Missions are executed at the district level through a nerve center at the district headquarters called a node. A node is intended to provide a multifaceted facility such an office cell, a rural library, a rural gym, a rural science museum and an Internet based learning center. These blocks  are added as we get funds.

Question: How are you funded? What are your resources?  

Answer: We are not funded from any source. We seek support with grants and donations for each mission and project.

Question: Do you have any government support?

Answer: No we have no such links or support.

Question: Is there any Income Tax concession for donations?

Answer: Yes. Exemption is granted in India only under Section 80 G read with 12 A of income tax act 62.

Question: Are you eligible for foreign funding?

Answer: Yes

Question: Which aspects do you emphasise?

Answer: Rural technologies,  application of renewable energy, primary education, water, health, hygiene and youth grooming.

Question: Is there any restriction or criteria for your membership?


All retired personnel from the armed forces and their wives are eligible with a fee of of Rs 500.00 for life .

Others from civil society who wish to contribute through voluntary service or to specific schemes are also eligible with fee of Rs 1000.00 for life

Question: Is there any forum for exchange of views, ideas and proposals?

Answer: Yes. Views, proposals, articles and comments can be sent to us on email and we would publish these in the news letter on this site. Our cause can only succeed with your participation and support.


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