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We promote adventure with a difference in purpose and content. As a healthy outlet for those members of rural community who carry a vast and practical experience with specialised skills such as mountaineering and skiing from their military service. These soldiers come from their remote Himalayan habitat and return to them at the end of their contract. With small mountain holdings they can hardly sustain on their own. We harness these resources as an income generating vocation by organising adventure vacations in  Himalayas. Return from such engagements is fed back for community development In this respect our adventure service is unique and an income generation source for the community.

What do we offer?

  • Camaraderie typical of Indian peasant class with appropriate skills,  discipline and knowledge of local lore.

  • Hospitality  without commercial tint.

  • Ramblings on history and culture.

  • Cost effectiveness since we do not maintain a commercial type infrastructure.

  • Ask for package details on e-mail. We cover from Kashmir to Uttaranchal.

Main Packages

A- Valley of Flowers- Uttaranchal Himalayas-June to Sep

B- Gangotri Glacier- Uttaranchal Himalayas-June to Sep

C- Brahma Glacier -Kashmir Himalayas-May to Aug

D- Thajiawas Glacier-Kashmir Himalayas- May to Sep

E- Motor Trail to Ladhak-Camp at Pangong Lake- May to Sep

F- Trekking in Himachal- April-Sep

From left mother and child from Bharmaur, Khajiar "Switzerland of East", right-enroute to Brahma Glacier


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